Message from the Director

Cesar_Rey-FPHThe Puerto Rico Online Encyclopedia is an educational project that is unique among the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities’ programs and services. Its purpose is to support and spread knowledge of our history and identity as a people, as well as our collective memory.

It is a free, online publication with information in Spanish and English that familiarizes both Puerto Ricans and other users from around the world with aspects of the society, history and culture of Puerto Rico, as well as the Caribbean region.

The information in this Encyclopedia is reliable and has been documented and validated by academic experts, scholars and researchers. It is organized around humanities themes that are relevant to the Endowment’s mission and philosophy, including the environment, the arts, the sciences, popular culture, sports, the economy, education, government, history and literature.

It also covers topics related to the Puerto Rican diaspora, language, communications media, population, the municipalities, religion, Puerto Rican society in general and the Caribbean region. It also includes photographic cultural guides to the 78 municipalities on our Island as well as images, photos, videos and audio clips that enrich many of the texts it contains.

This project frames the historical events of Puerto Rico as a creation of our own while considering our Caribbean setting, the ties that bind us to Spain and the more than century-long relationship with the United States. At the same time, it includes the experiences and achievements of Puerto Ricans both in the archipelago and abroad.

The Encyclopedia is an educational tool for disseminating Puerto Rico’s intellectual production and, therefore, the humanistic values that sustain our society. Although its editorial focus is designed to meet the needs of students at all educational levels, its content is useful for anyone interested in becoming informed and learning about Puerto Rico. The many messages received, as well as the huge number of visits to our web site, show that the Encyclopedia serves not only the inhabitants of the Island and those who live in the United States, but also an audience of people from all parts of the world.

The Encyclopedia has made a valuable contribution to our society that can be summarized as: (1) it is the only online source of organized, structured, reliable and consistent information about Puerto Rico; (2) it disseminates the cultural resources generated by projects sponsored by the Endowment; (3) it is supported by a variety of Puerto Rican universities and cultural entities; (4) it has a didactic, bilingual editorial focus and its free access makes it easy for those who are interested in our society, history and culture to enjoy its content; and (5) its audience is not limited to the national public.

If you are interested in contributing to this marvelous project, you can submit articles for consideration. We recommend you review our editorial policy and guidelines for authors that are available on the site. Texts consistent with our goals are welcomed.

Dr. César Rey Hernández

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