200 cm
Lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris): Juveniles of this shark species are found in some estuaries. Short, wide snout; elongated body; dark back and sides; light belly.

240 cm
Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus): Elongated and compressed body. Large mouth with protruding lower jaw. Last ray of the dorsal fin is longer than the rest. Large scales; dark back and silver belly; forked caudal fin.

Swordspine snook (Centropomus ensiferus): Large mouth with prominent lower jaw. Elongated anal fin; forked caudal fin; marked lateral line. Brown back; silver sides and belly.

Common snook (Centropomus undecimalis): Elongated and compressed body. Large mouth; protruding lower jaw. Marked lateral line. Dark back and silver belly. Forked caudal fin.

30 cm
Tarpon snook (Centropomus pectinatus): Large mouth with prominent lower jaw. Marked lateral line. Brown back; silver sides and belly; forked caudal fin. Pelvic fin has a dark stain.

Blue runner (Caranx crysos): Elongated body, rounded dorsal, and ventral profiles. Greenish back. Operculum has a black trim. Forked caudal fin.

Yellow jack (Caranx bartholomaei): Elongated body. Small mouth; eyes have adipose eyelids. Elongated pectoral fins. Forked caudal fin. Green back, silver belly.

Crevalle jack (Caranx hippos): Flat snout. Black stains in operculum and pelvic fin. Part of the chest does not have scales. Forked and yellow caudal fin.

40 cm
Horse-eye jack (Caranx latus): Large eyes. Elongated body. Rounded and dark back. Chest covered in scales. Silver belly; black fins; forked and yellow caudal fin.

26 cm
Palometa (Trachinotus goodei): Short, tall, and compressed body. Flat snout, narrow mouth and small eyes. Long and forked caudal fin. Dorsal and anal fins have elongated front spines. The sides of the body have four vertical stripes and two stains.

65 cm
Permit (Trachinotus falcatus): Short and compressed body; taller and rounder than the Palometa. Flat snout, narrow mouth, and small eyes. Forked caudal fin. Dorsal and anal fins have elongated front spines. Adults have gray backs and white bellies.

35 cm
Lane snapper (Lutjanus synagris): Elongated and compressed body. Pointed snout and large mouth. Big eyes. Pink or red back. Head has 4-5 yellow horizontal stripes. Lower flanks have 9 similar stripes. Caudal fin is forked and red with black tip. Red dorsal fin, pink pectoral fins, and yellow anal and ventral fins.

45 cm
Mutton snapper (Lutjanus analis): Small mouth. Yellow body with blue vertical stripes and dark stain on both sides. Orange fins; half-moon-shaped caudal fin.

Yellowfin mojarra (Gerres cinereus): Large eyes. Forked caudal fin. Compressed and silver body with 7-8 vertical pink or blue stripes. Brown dorsal and caudal fins; yellow anal and pelvic fins.

30 cm
Silver perch (Diapterus rhombeus): Silver rhomboid and compressed body. Prominent snout, small mouth. Front thorns on the dorsal fin are elongated. Big eyes. Forked caudal fin; transparent pectoral fins; yellow anal and pelvic fins.

White grunt (Haemulon plumieri): Silver compressed and oval body. Big yellow head with blue stripes. Prominent snout with big red mouth. White belly. Large scales on its back. Forked caudal fin.

25 cm
Smallmouth grunt (Haemulon chrysargyreum): Short snout, and small mouth; big eyes. Sides have alternating silver and yellow stripes.

Black margate (Anisotremus surinamensis): Small mouth with thick lips. The front part of the body is lighter than the back. Forked caudal fin.

Western atlantic seabream (Archosargus rhomboidalis): Compressed and oval body; greenish color with yellow horizontal stripes. Small mouth; big eyes. Dark stain at the beginning of the lateral line. Forked caudal fin with black tip.

20 cm
Striped croaker (Bairdiella sanctaeluciae): Elongated and compressed body. Big mouth and eyes. Back and sides are gray and it has light, oblique stripes. Silver belly. Light fins with dark spots; single caudal fin.

14 cm
Hairy blenny (Labrisomus nuchipinnis): Big mouth. Fleshy filament behind the top of the head on both sides. Dark stain in front of the single dorsal fin. Adult males have reddish chest and abdomen. Single caudal fin.

Checkered puffer (Sphoeroides testudineus): Large head. Small mouth; with hard beak-shaped jaw. Dorsal and anal fins are moved to back of the body. Single caudal fin. White or yellow belly. Dark back and sides with light spots.

36 cm
Mozambique tilapia (Tilapia mossambica): Elongated and black body. Big mouth in a protruding snout. Single caudal fin. Exotic freshwater fish which has adapted to the brackish waters of some estuaries.

Prepared by:
Felix A. Grana Raffucci
Natural Resource Technician

Author: Grupo Editorial EPRL
Published: August 27, 2014.

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